Paul apologises to Ivan for his dad's behaviour the previous night and Paul is shocked when Ivan reveals he wants them to start again as lovers. Paul doesn’t feel the same way and tells Ivan they don’t work as a couple and doesn’t think they can be friends either. Ivan decides to leave town for a while. Meanwhile, Nurse Grace tells Adam that she has taken a call from an elderly man asking for details about him. This leaves him unnerved. Steph agrees to let Betty probe Adam about his past, but he quickly sees through her and shuts her down. Later, Steph tries to tease Adam about being cagey, but he admonishes her, noting not everyone is hung up on their past like her and even bringing up her sexual abuse. Steph is hurt. Elsewhere, at the Antiques Barn, Jamie spins a yarn to Perdita Sinclair-Hyde about the worthless vase. She isn’t interested but almost knocks the vase on her way out. Jamie sees an opportunity and knocks the vase himself, blaming her. Rodney is impressed when Jamie hands over the money and Rodney gives him £500 as agreed. Dawn reluctantly takes childcare money from Terry, but soon regrets it when he suggests to her he should have a larger role in T.J.'s life in case she's sent down.


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