Steph’s confidence is knocked when Adam’s bright and breezy ex-wife Isla turns up at the B&B to off load more of his belongings. Adam's mood is much better as the caller turned out to be a hypochondriac checking out local doctors. Steph, unaware of this, mistakes Adam's mood change as being solely about Isla. When Isla has gone, Steph is spoiling for a fight. To prove his love, Adam asks her to marry him. Shocked, Steph refuses and states that he won’t love her when he knows what she has done. Steph blurts out that she murdered her best friend Shelley. Down in the dumps, Dawn goes out and gets drunk using money set aside for some clothes for TJ. At the end of the night she goes home to relieve Terry who has been babysitting TJ. Seeing the state she is in, Terry insists that he stays overnight in case TJ needs him. As they look for a lodger, Simon and Lesley continue to bicker over spending. Pearl is unhappy over not being able to talk with her grandson in Hong Kong, but is scarcely less unhappy when she finally does.


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