Steph fears the consequences of what she has told Adam. She tells him that she accepts that their relationship is over, but is terrified that he will report her to the police as it would destroy Alan. Still shocked by the revelation, Adam tells her that he needs time to think. Elsewhere, in desperate need of funds, Lesley and Simon look for a new lodger to replace Ivan. Lesley is shocked when she goes to call the Hotten Courier to put in an ad and finds that their phone has been cut off. Also, Jamie finds himself working in the café again but he's frustrated when Viv dismisses all of his entrepreneurial ideas. He decides to open his own mobile café and reckons that Viv will rue the day she put the dampeners on his ambition. Dawn chafes at the various people trying to give her parenting advice, and confides in Bob her fears that she will go to prison. Pearl, missing her grandson, tries to convince Edna to reconcile with her granddaughter Eve when Eve sends a wedding invitation.


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