As Lesley bags up Rodney’s clothes for jumble she comes across his credit card. Although initially she intends to return it, when she finds the millionaire lavishing an expensive gift on Kelly she has a change of heart. Lesley uses the card to pay her phone bill, but as she battles with her conscience she cuts up the card to avoid further temptation. Lesley confides some of her fears in Pearl who is struggling with the loss of beauty treatments and other luxuries as she scrimps for travel fare to see her grandson. Dawn is also having money worries and she is agitated further when Jo, who isn’t paying full rent, brings a conquest back to the house. Jamie is concerned by the extent of Dawn's anger, and during a phone call he accidentally tells Jean about Dawn's fraud trial, assuming Dawn had already given her the news. Over at the doctors surgery, Adam gets a shock when Terence turns up and reveals that he knows the truth about Adam's past. Adam is horrified.


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