Dawn realises Scott has carried out his threat when a policewoman arrives to question her. Dawn's about to confess but Viv comes to her aid by providing an alibi. Later on, Jean arrives to reunite Jamie with his dog, Snoop, and tells Dawn that she intends to sort her out. Her first act is to evict Jo and pay Dawn's debts. Adam panics when Terence comments to Steph about the doctor's past. Luckily for Adam, Steph is preoccupied with her upset over Terence's reappearance and Adam takes the opportunity to suggest they start a new life abroad. Hari and Paddy meet Oakwell Hall’s residents, Grayson and Perdy, in the hope of securing new business. Hari effortlessly flirts with the lady of the manor and when Perdy later turns up at the surgery, Hari thinks he may have made an impression! Eager to get Toni out of his hair, Marlon tells her about the job working for the King family. When an annoyed Lesley sees Rodney flashing the cash, she pieces back together the credit card belonging to him that she'd used to pay the phone bill.


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  • The man Simon interviews for the vacant room is uncredited despite several lines of dialogue.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 8,370,000 viewers (11th place).
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