Having taken out a loan to pay off Terence, Adam hopes he’ll soon be rid of him for good. However, Terence demands more money and aggressively insists this is just one of many payments. Frightened by Terence's behaviour, Adam decides the only way to control him is to use some drugs to put him to sleep. Adam panics when he gets a call from Steph saying that she's on her way home, and drags Terence's body down into the cellar. He tries to act normally when Steph gets home but, just as he's convincing her that everything is fine, there's a loud crash from the cellar door – Terence has woken up. Dawn begins to feel suffocated by her mother when she starts picking out potential jobs for her in the paper. Dawn voices her desire to do a childcare course but Jean is dismissive, insisting earning a wage is more important. Toni arranges to meet Jimmy to discuss the PA job and arrives in her best seduction outfit. Jimmy's inability to decline her acceptance prompts Carl to notice that he fancies her. Paddy grows concerned about how far Toni will go for the job that she wants to get.


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