Full of shock, Steph and Adam have to fight Terence off. Adam hits Terence over the head with a stool but that doesn't stop him. They try escape, but they forgot they locked the door. As Terence chases Steph up the stairs Adam is already up there. Terence begs "Mary" not to leave him, and tries to convince her that she's better off with him. Adam picks up a fire extinguisher and hits Terence over the head with it. Terence falls down the stairs as Steph screams, and he dies with a violent comeuppance. Jack asks Marlon to do the buffet for the young farmers do in May. Marlon makes a comment about farming that offends Jack. Steph and Adam discuss calling the police but fear it would destroy Alan. Instead they dispose of Terence's body by burying him in a shallow grave in the woods. Steph becomes hysterical and can’t comprehend how everything keeps getting out of control. Adam turns nasty but insists that if they stick together they’ll be fine. Over at The Woolpack, Toni suggests to Jimmy that they continue the interview back at her place. Donna questions her actions, but Toni assures her that she's only after the job.


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