Val spots Eric in the back of a van and seizes the opportunity to confess her true feelings. She jumps in and closes the door behind her, insisting they need to talk. Val convinces Eric that she doesn’t want to play any more games and wants him back. Unfortunately, as they get passionate in the back of the van, the brake goes off and they careen down the hill, crashing into the Easter Egg competition being held by Laurel and destroying all of the eggs, along with the prize. Hotten Courier reporter McNally tells Eric to expect quite a writeup in the next day's edition. Meanwhile, Alice is reluctant to leave a crying Samson for her CAT scan, but Lisa insists. At the hospital, Sam tries to distract her with wedding talk but it is clear that Alice is very nervous. When they return home and Alice needs to take a nap, Cain startles Lisa when he berates Alice for her laziness. Elsewhere, Paddy wishes he’d never said anything to Toni when she refuses to speak to him. When Toni begins to regret leaving Portugal, Danny suggests he'd rather be there than stuck in the village. Adam continues to demand Steph stay silent, and asks Alan to run The Grange while they're gone on holiday. After Steph almost confesses all to Alan, Adam slips a drug into her drink.


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