Wanting to scupper her own chances of getting elected, Val delivers an outlandish manifesto based entirely on the truth about her life. She is convinced her plan has worked and is glad to see Eric happy again. Her plan backfires when McNally tells her in order to drive up newspaper circulation, he's going to help increase her support by painting her as honest and gutsy. Eric is more dejected than ever. Meanwhile, Alice and Del go to the hospital to collect Alice's results. As she is called into Dr Munro’s office, Alice is rocked to hear that the chemo isn’t working and the size of her tumour deposits has increased. As the doctor outlines Alice's options, Alice battles to come to terms with what her future holds. As Cain continues to be hostile toward Samson's presence in the cottage, Zak tries to get through to him. Elsewhere, Toni and Paddy are still awkward around one another despite their efforts to remain close friends. Paddy fears that things will never be able to go back to the way they were. Eventually Danny manages to get Paddy and Toni to speak to each other. Jasmine encourages Dingle about their running The Grange as Adam and a groggy Steph leave for their holiday.


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