Alice talks to Del about what the doctor said the previous day. Del tells Alice that she has to stay strong, but Alice repeats what the doctor said about the chemo prolonging her life, not curing her. Del is rocked as Alice contemplates choosing to stop the treatment. Meanwhile, Debbie asks Jamie about the party he is organising and he explains that the owner of the planned venue pulled out and now he has had to call the party off. Debbie suggests they use the old Wilson’s Barn instead. Jamie is pleased with the idea and agrees. Debbie tells Jamie that she and Jasmine will run the bar if he cuts them in. Once Jamie has gone, Jasmine concocts a plan on how to steal the alcohol. Elsewhere, Val decides she must come up with views that are so unpopular that the electorate will despise her in order to ruin her popularity in the polls. She comes up with some flyers telling everyone that “Lambert’s gay son is sister’s ex-husband’s lovechild”.


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