Daz is worried that Jasmine will get sent back to boarding school and tries to talk her out of stealing the alcohol. Jasmine however, insists she’ll be fine. As Louise takes a delivery, Jasmine nervously steals a crate of spirits but as she makes her getaway, is caught by Cain. Jasmine is left confused when Cain promises he won’t tell anyone. Kayleigh has to be helped out after getting so drunk she can barely walk. She throws up in The Woolpack. When Cain gets the blame, he points the finger at Jasmine. Daz, wanting to spare Jasmine, lies that he was responsible. When Jasmine confronts Cain, he mocks her for manipulating Daz into covering for her. Daz stares at her from his bedroom window, and she blows him a kiss. Meanwhile, when Alice returns home from the hospital after making her decision. Sam questions her treatment procedure but Alice covers, wanting to keep the news to herself for now. Alice prepares to make a video for Samson to remember her by, but can't stop crying. Elsewhere, Eric is not happy when he sees that Val has topped the polls yet again in the Hotten Courier. Val promises Eric that she will go and withdraw her candidacy from the election but is faced with the news she can not withdraw her nomination within 16 days of the vote. She still reassures him she will find a way to lose.


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