Tom drives Alice to church in style. Zak walks her down the aisle and Sam nearly bursts with joy. In a private moment after the ceremony, Sam maturely understands that Alice is going to give up chemo. The pair decide to treasure their time left together. Elsewhere, Debbie and Jasmine are on a fairground ride being watched by Cain. He blows Jasmine a kiss, which unnerves her. She clings to Debbie trying to insinuate a physical intimacy. Also, Jimmy is worried about the opposition. After reworking his figures he realises he may need to pay over the odds in order to secure a haulage deal. Matthew reports to Sadie that they can’t push the house sale through as quickly as they’d hoped. To avoid losing the haulage yard they realise their only option is to sell their shares. They reluctantly approach Jimmy.


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  • Easy Come Easy Go by Rob Ellis is used as incidental music during the montage of Sam and Alice's wedding ceremony as well as the final scene where Alice tells Sam she won't be continuing with chemotherapy. The song also replaces the theme song over the closing credits.
  • The wedding photographer is uncredited despite lines of dialogue.
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