Sadie suggests to Matthew that they could use Carl to pass on some fake figures for the haulage company to Jimmy. Reluctantly, Matthew realises he has no option. Carl later relays the information to Jimmy who starts to wonder if the mystery bidder is a scam. Jimmy's low offer is later laughed at by Don, but Jimmy thinks he is merely playing hardball. Keen to finish the deal, Jimmy hands over Matthew and Sadie's cheque, leaving them victorious when Don later accepts their offer. Meanwhile, Jean bumps into Tom and is annoyed at him not giving Dawn the job. She defends Dawn's capabilities but Tom is intrigued by Jean and quizzes her on the B&B. Tom persuades Jean to take the job instead saying she is far better qualified. Also, Daz offers to take the blame for the fire but Debbie refuses, adding that they must help Laurel and Ashley in some way. Daz decides they should replace some lost photographs with the help of Rodney and Diane.


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