Sadie delights in telling Tom that she and Matthew are the new owners of the haulage yard. They decide they have no choice but to move back to Victoria Cottage and tell Hari that they are going to have to pull out of selling to him. As they collect the keys, Jimmy spots them and is held back by Carl when they taunt them; Sadie, who admires Carl as the "middle man" within the rivalry between his brothers, delightfully presses the issue by telling Jimmy how Carl conspired in their bidding contract. Jimmy is outraged when Matthew confirms this as well before the latter apologies to Carl, who becomes angry and punches Matthew for getting him involved with the situation; he also lashes at Jimmy when his brother starts demanding answers. Edna and Jean don't get on in Jean's first day working at Home Farm. Also, Debbie and Jasmine head to Seth’s hide to be alone. Debbie moves towards Jasmine and kisses her. Jasmine, worried about how far things might go, insists she can hear someone. When it turns out to be Cain, Jasmine is mortified. Sam and Alice go on holiday, with the Dingles somberly realising it will likely be the only holiday they ever share together. Jamie convinces Rodney to help him buy an ice cream van.


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  • The following scenes in the synopsis did not air: Elsewhere, Terry is surprised to find Jean working at Home Farm. Jean explains that she is struggling to take orders from Edna. Back at home, Dawn is fretting about her sentencing and Jean comforts her. Terry looks on admirably with his feelings for Jean rising.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 7,270,000 viewers (18th place).
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