In court, Dawn is devastated when she is given a custodial sentence for benefit fraud. Jean and Terry are left reeling as a distraught Dawn is taken down. Back at the village, Bob is in shock when Jean fills him in. Jean breaks down and she and Terry move close as he comforts her. Meanwhile, Jimmy outlines his plan to get the show home at the new development completed in double quick time, but Carl worries the schedule is unachievable. Eric promises to call in some favours on the condition that Jimmy allows him to do a photo shoot for publicity at the development. Elsewhere, Eric is annoyed that Val is still riding higher than him in public opinion polls. Fretting with Pearl, Val bemoans her predicament that no matter what she does she still gains support. Val opts for a political suicide ploy involving animal cruelty. Katie tells Andy that when her father's house is sold and all the debts are paid, she'll be getting about £5,000-£6,000. Her good fortune continues as Perdita asks if she can store her horse at the stables.


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