Jasmine is desperate to sort out the confusion in her head and she dares Cain to show her what a man can give her that a woman can’t. They kiss and Cain suggests taking things to the bedroom. Later, Debbie finds a distressed Jasmine and has another go at patching things up. Meanwhile, Paddy examines Jonas and tells Andy and Katie that it looks as though he has navicular disease and may need to be put down. That evening, Paddy seems genuinely down as he tells Toni about Jonas and she is moved by Paddy’s sensitivity. Also, Steph and Adam return to the village and announce that they got married. The villagers are stunned, particularly Alan, who hints to Adam that he is worried that he’s taken on a lot. Adam outlines his happiness and Steph, picking up on her dad’s concern, assures him that Adam is her rock.


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