Steph wakes up full of energy, but after eating the breakfast that Adam prepared for her, she is soon visibly more relaxed. Laurel is the opposite – very groggy and tired. Adam realises Laurel has taken the drugged drink meant for Steph and covers saying it must be a bug. Adam is clearly unnerved by Laurel and Ashley’s presence and later breaks the boiler so they have no option but to move out. Later on, Steph catches Adam adding a pill to her dinner. Shocked, Steph questions him and he explains that the pill calms her down. Elsewhere, Hari tells Katie that certain drugs could prolong Jonas’ life. Paddy fumes that it is unethical to keep a horse alive when you know that it is going to die. However, Hari explains that whereas Paddy sees people as friends, he sees them as customers.


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