Marlon finds Steph at the B&B in such a deep sleep that he can’t wake her. She begins to stir and tells Marlon that Adam administers her pills. Marlon informs Alan that he is concerned about Steph and Alan's worry grows over Adam's involvement with Steph. Meanwhile, Steph asks Adam if she can stop taking the pills but, with a menacing tone, he refuses. Elsewhere, Paddy tells Katie and Andy that it's not in Jonas’ best interests to be kept alive and the horse is put down. Paddy thanks Toni for her support over the last few days and tells her that he's glad to have a mate like her. Meanwhile, TJ sees Jean and Terry kissing. Terry is asked to work for Tom on his day off and has to take TJ in with him. TJ is drawing a picture when Edna notices that he has drawn a picture of a couple kissing. Jean quickly snatches the picture, arousing Edna's suspicions.


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  • No episode was shown on Wednesday 17th May due to transmission of the Champions League Final.As a result, an additional episode was shown on Thursday 18th May at 8:00pm.
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