Alan, Marlon and Betty arrive at the B&B for a surprise belated wedding party for Steph and Adam. Steph is clearly on edge and struggles to maintain her composure. She has a flashback to the night Adam murdered Terence and freaks. Adam manages to calm her and puts her to bed but Alan's concern increases. After the guests have left Steph declares that she can’t cope with the lies and plans to confess. Panicked, Adam reminds her that they could go to prison. Seeing Adam panicked, Steph says that she is prepared to shoulder the blame as she loves him so much. Elsewhere, Jean flirts with Tom. Tom later confesses to Terry that he's thinking about asking Jean out. Terry tells Jean about Tom's plan and is alarmed when Jean says that she will accept. Jean promises that it is only to divert people away from their relationship, but Terry worries about Dawn finding out as she comes out of prison the following day.


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