Clive returns and Annie tries to reconcile him with Donald, but to no avail as Clive does a moonlight flit.


In the Vicarage, Annie and Donald discuss Clive's disappearance. Donald feels that he's failed with his son, but Annie thinks that he's done all he can. They then move onto discussing Sam and his museum about which there still seems to be confusion. That evening, while the long-awaited dance gets under way, Clive returns to the Vicarage only to find Annie there instead of Donald. They get talking, Annie trying to coax Clive into confronting what has happened. He explains he's been staying at a pub on the moors and Annie says he can't keep running away. She tells him what a good man his father is and how he ought to sort the whole affair out with him. Clive doesn't intend to let that happen though and later that evening with his bags packed, he steals silently away from the Vicarage without telling anyone.


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