Seeking further revenge, Carl and Chas return to the haulage yard in balaclavas. The pair set about causing destruction but when Carl spots Cain acting as a security guard, the pair leg it. Cain hears the disturbance and follows in hot pursuit. Without Carl realising Chas stumbles on her bad knee and is caught by Cain. As Cain approaches with a crowbar determined to make the intruder pay, Chas screams out and pulls the hat off to reveal her identity. Meanwhile, Jasmine returns a book to Cain and is surprised to find he knows the book in depth. Later, Jasmine is at home with Debbie and finds a parcel. It is the book back from Cain with a note asking her to meet him the following night. Jasmine is left feeling apprehensive but excited by Cain's interest. Meanwhile, Jean keeps pretending to Dawn that she is interested in Tom.


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