Jasmine heads to the haulage yard to meet a smug Cain. He jokes that he knew she would turn up, but Jasmine insists she only came to tell him to back off and states she knows he's only interested in her to try and hurt Debbie. Skilful, Cain charms her, insisting there's far more between them and he knows she's not gay. Jasmine confesses to all of her confusion and Cain insists that the only way to find out her true sexuality is to try other options. Flattered by his attention, Jasmine gives in to her desire. Later, Cain tells Matthew that he saw off the intruders but as it involved violence he has wiped the security tape as he doesn’t want a counter charge on his hands. Cain later tries to blackmail Carl with the tape. Elsewhere, Dawn decides to match make Tom and her mother, so she tells Mr King that Jean is keen. When Tom asks her out, Jean is forced to accept, much to Terry’s horror!


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