Jasmine breaks down in front of Laurel and blurts out that she has had sex with a boy from school. She admits she is worried she might be pregnant. Laurel is mortified and insists she goes to get the morning after pill. Jasmine assures her that she will and Laurel promises not to tell Ashley. Later, Jasmine is at the bus stop when Cain drives up and demands she get in. Jasmine hesitates but gives in before she accuses Cain of using her. He promises he isn’t and tries to convince her with a passionate kiss. Thrilled but trying to remain cool, Jasmine asks Cain to run her into Hotten to get the morning after pill. Jasmine arrives home and tells Laurel she has taken the appropriate action. Relieved Laurel urges Jasmine to confide in Debbie, oblivious to the fact that she has slept with her girlfriend's father. Elsewhere, after being forced to tell Tom she isn’t interested. Jean is driven home by Terry. Alone together in the car, the pair finally confess to their true feelings for each other and they passionately embrace. They are disturbed to find a policeman knocking on the car window, revealing they are in a well known ‘lovers spot’. Much to their horror the couple are arrested for lewd behaviour!


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