Determined to finish the silk flower order, and with Eric out of the factory, Pearl continues to make them. When Eric catches her, he fires her on the spot as well as demanding all his money back by 5pm the next day. Pearl starts to despair. Meanwhile, Daz’s mum Denise returns to the village after Victoria calls her. A reluctant Daz finally gives his mother a chance but tells her he is going back to live at Butler's Farm with Andy and Katie and therefore will not be leaving with her. Jack and Andy are angry with Victoria and she is grounded. After Andy tells her what it is like to have a mother like Denise, she snaps and storms upstairs. She later apologises. Diane confronts Jack and tells him to put her and Victoria first instead of focusing his worry on Andy, Daz and the farm. Elsewhere, Toni realises she messed up with Paddy and tries to patch things up.


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