Donna works hard to make the night café a success and is furious when the Dingles come in demanding that as they are family they should eat for free. To make matters worse, Donna finds Shadrach swigging from a bottle of booze in the shop and as she runs after him, he darts upstairs interrupting Viv and Bob seducing one another dressed in naughty attire! In her fury, Donna makes a citizen's arrest. Over at Home Farm, Eric is surprised to see Pearl at the Kings’ housing development launch and asks if she is planning in investing in property now. He notes that, firstly, she pleaded poverty, and then she paid off her debts in one fell swoop. He tells her that she can’t blame him for being confused and suggests that she is capable of a spot of pilfering. Pearl is clearly shaken, and she panics further when Edna later quizzes her about where she got the money from. Meanwhile, Katie plans a cosy night in with Andy but her plans are ruined when Jo comes home early and helps herself to their wine.


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