Donna insists that she is pressing charges against Shadrach and a horrified Marlon urges her to reconsider. She refuses to back down and Zak tells her that she must stand before the Dingle court. Donna finds the whole farce ridiculous and tells them that they better get used to her shopping them because she intends on joining the police. She storms out telling Marlon that he must choose – his family or her. Over in the Woolpack, Daz works as a glass collector but he cheekily drinks the dregs from the glasses. Jack is annoyed to find that Daz is tipsy and he blames Diane for failing to keep an eye on him. Meanwhile, as Rodney pays for his goods at the shop, Viv reads aloud an article about a donkey sanctuary that is closing due to council cutbacks. Rodney realises that this could be the way to win votes.


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