Victoria is fed up of the arguments between Jack and Diane and she cruelly implies to Daz that they are getting divorced. An upset Daz runs off to Seth's hide and Jack later finds him. At an all-time low, Daz tells Jack that he plans to put himself back into care. Jack insists that Daz has a home with him and Diane, and suggests that they make it official. Meanwhile, Rodney offers to donate money to the donkey sanctuary and arranges for the local paper to take a picture of him with a donkey handing over a large cheque for £20,000. Eric and Jimmy see the photo call and realising it's an electioneering stunt, they decide to sabotage Rodney's efforts as they tell McNally that Kelly is a porn star. Elsewhere, the Dingles put pressure on Marlon to stop Donna from becoming a copper while Diane and Louise also laugh at the very thought of Donna doing such a thing. Marlon gets sick of them mocking his wife and tells them all that Donna is the love of his life and he is right behind her. Donna walks in and overhears, she is thrilled at her husband's support.


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