Diane is furious to hear from Victoria that Jack has told Daz that they are going to adopt him. It's the last thing Diane wants to do, but she can’t bear to break the young lads heart. Sensing that Diane doesn’t want to be his guardian, he goes to see her and thanks her for everything, saying that he would rather she was his friend than his mother and that he has decided to move back in with Andy and Katie. Diane is moved to tears and Daz hugs her before heading off. Meanwhile, Rodney is delighted with the coverage in the newspaper and the locals seem to warm to his animal-loving nature. Eric is fuming and knows that he must get more dirt on Rodney. He sorts through Val’s belongings and finds pictures of Paul dressed as Thelma Louise. Elsewhere, DI Carp tells Alan that they must look into Steph’s allegation that Terence is dead. He says that Terence had been spending Alan's £20,000 bankers draft hand over fist, but all spending seemed to grind to a halt on 13th April. Adam panics when Alan tells him about the investigation and he threatens Steph that if she says one more word about Terence being dead, he’ll make sure she stays in the clinic for good.


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