Viv is sure that she has pregnancy symptoms so announces she is expecting during a family lunch. The stunned family are unconvinced, so Viv rushes to see the doctor for confirmation. Bob is devastated when Adam explains the test is negative, but refusing to give up, Viv lists her ‘pregnancy’ symptoms. She is horrified when Adam explains it sounds like she's going through the menopause! It's Election Day and Rodney explains to Kelly that he punched Eric to protect her honour and it has probably cost him his seat on the council. On hearing that Eric bad mouthed her, Kelly slaps him. The photographer misses the photo opportunity, so she does it again! Later that day, Rodney admits that his family are more important and tells Eric that even if he is elected he will resign his seat as his loyalties lie closer to home. He announces that he has bought Holdgate Farm which will soon be opening as a spa and health club managed by Kelly and Paul. When the votes are counted, Eric smugly reveals that he has won and tells him not to hold his breath about converting Holdgate Farm into a business. Rodney confidently points out that Val won’t be impressed to hear that Eric humiliated her son and wouldn’t want his business plans ruined. Eric knows that Rodney had got him over a barrel!


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