Matt and Joe are relieved to find their cows aren't infected by a plague, whilst Sam and Nellie become romantically closer.


The condition of the sick cow begins to deteriorate. Matt enters with the news that it has had a spontaneous abortion and that is one of the symptoms of brucellosis. Eventually the vet arrives and Matt, Joe and Swannick, the vet, go into the cow shed and start to examine the cow. Swannick asks them about the symptoms, prods here and there at the bovine anatomy and finally pronounces that it is only a simple case of aspergillus fumigatus, farmers lung or mycotic abortion and not, as was thought, the dreaded brucellosis. The plague now averted, all can return to merriment. Meanwhile, Sam and Nellie are hanging about waiting for Donald at the lych-gate. They are both cold and Nellie suggests that instead of walking back to the farm, Sam comes to tea with her. They walk off arm in arm. Later, in the pub, after Nellie has gone, Sam is teased about his interest in her. But Joe goes too far and is told to keep a hold on himself when Sam announces that he's invited Nellie for tea on Sunday.


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