Pearl is delighted when her gamble pays off, but after the bookmaker convinces her to make further bets she ends up in a lot of debt. Meanwhile, Terry resigns himself to the fact that Dawn and TJ are moving away. Shadrach is forced to wait on Belle hand and foot. Matthew and Tom have a civil conversation; Matthew being pleased at their progress makes Sadie feel uneasy. Dawn promises that access to his son will be no problem and when Terry tells Jean that the situation has been resolved she reassures him that she will always be there for him, unaware that he told Dawn he was willing to break up with her if Dawn wanted him to move away with her to co-parent TJ. Later, Jimmy is furious when Jack and Zak disrupt his attempts to show an estate agent around the development. After Jimmy tries to resolve the matter himself he only causes more mayhem. Ashley asks Edna to help him with a girl guides meeting, but Victoria and Kayleigh are uncomfortable when they see her. Rather than cause conflict, Edna leaves. Back at The Woolpack, Eric tells Val that Pearl has been lying about her internet investment and later on Val confronts her. Len tries to find out what's wrong, but Pearl covers it up.


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  • Two girls, Alice and Abby, who give their names to Edna at the Girl Guides meeting, are both uncredited despite each having a line of dialogue.
  • This episode aired at the later time of 10:00pm due to World Cup Schedules.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 3,850,000 viewers (55th place).
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