Jimmy confronts Jack over his involvement in Shadrach’s antics. Jack is pleased to have wound Jimmy up, but denies any part when a digger attacks the show house. The pair exchange words outside The Woolpack and things are about to get violent before Diane separates them. Jimmy tells Carl that the show house will be ready in time. Meanwhile, Viv is told that she could never carry a baby even if she became pregnant. She gets upset, feeling that she has failed Bob. In an attempt to cheer her up Bob resorts to the only option they have left. Elsewhere, Len is angry and upset that nobody told him about Pearl’s problems. Later, he and Danny ring around, desperate to find her.


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  • This episode aired at the later time of 10:05pm due to World Cup Schedules.
  • A couple who leave the nurse's office are both uncredited despite each having a line of dialogue.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 4,950,000 viewers (30th place).

Memorable dialogueEdit

Jack Sugden: "I don't appreciate being spoken to like that by you or anyone. And your son's got a serious deficiency up here."
Tom King: "You want to compare sons?"
Diane Sugden: "Sorry, Tom, get in line. You'll get your chance after a brief interlude featuring scenes of domestic disharmony."

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