Donna and Marlon discover that they have won a house in the prize draw. However, their joy soon turns to shock when they discover they still have to pay £6,000 as a deposit. After struggling to borrow the money the couple are left wondering where to turn for help. Meanwhile, Viv and Bob are shocked to discover the mammoth cost of a surrogate as well as the slender legal position they would be in as parents. That evening Donna finds Viv drunk and crying. After Edna criticises the surrogacy idea, Donna defends her mother before offering to be the surrogate herself, on the condition that Viv and Bob pay her housing deposit. Elsewhere, Cain winds Sadie up by being friendly with Tom in The Woolpack. She warns him to stay away by threatening to reveal his and Jasmine’s affair.


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  • This episode aired at the later time of 10:00pm due to World Cup Schedules.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 4,440,000 viewers (40th place).
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