Sadie offers Cain some money if he agrees to leave her alone. This angers Cain and he later convinces Jimmy that they are having an affair. Jimmy asks him to prove it. Meanwhile, Marlon is astonished when Donna tells him that she agreed to be Viv and Bob’s surrogate. After he calms down she convinces him that this will help her mother and get them a dream house as well. The couple hand over the deposit cheque to Carl. Also, Debbie is upset when Scott hires an apprentice, Wayne. After Wayne tries to chat her up she uses it to her advantage and shares all of Scott's horror stories with him. Later, she watches in glee when, after Wayne mentions Zoe, Scott fires him. Debbie is thrilled when she is offered the job as Scott's new apprentice.


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  • This episode was due to air at the later time of 10:00pm due to World Cup Schedules. However, the match earlier in the evening went into penalties and this episode aired 20 minutes later than billed.

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