Sadie asks Cain to tell Jimmy that he's got it wrong about them being a couple. Cain refuses and says that if Matthew asks, he’ll say they’ve been at it for weeks. Later on, Sadie gets revenge on Cain by letting slip to Ashley that she has heard that Jasmine has been seeing Cain. Furious, Ashley storms round to the pub and he grabs Cain, slamming him against the bar. Cain snidely insists that Jasmine was gagging for it, so Ashley sends him backwards into the counter with a punch. Meanwhile, Zak and Lisa are appalled by Cain's behaviour and kick him out of the house. Zak tells him that he brings shame to the Dingle name and he disowns him. Cain drives away from the village, but not before telling Sadie that he can’t wait until she loses everything.


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  • This episode was originally due to be broadcast on Tuesday 4th July but because of World Cup scheduling it was shown the following day at 9:30pm. The following episode was broadcast immediately after at 10:00pm.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 3,380,000 viewers (50th place).
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