At the B&B, Steph searches through Adam's belongings, sure that Terence had unveiled a dark secret and looking for evidence. Steph eventually finds two passports, one is in the name of Adam Forsythe, the other Peter Jones. Adam comes home and Steph demands an explanation. Steph forces a full confession out of Adam who’ is unaware that she has concealed a tape recorder. Steph calmly kisses Adam, but he grabs her wrists. A struggle ensues and Steph is knocked unconscious. Adam coldly points out one more murder won’t make much difference. Meanwhile, Jamie and Jo are on a date in the Woolpack. Jamie is shocked when Jo makes a few digs about Katie and implies that she thinks Jamie fancies her. But Jo later tells Andy that Jamie talked about Katie all through lunch. Later that day, Dawn tells Jamie that she’s going to be leaving the village sooner than everyone thought.


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  • No episodes were aired on 9th July due to coverage of the FIFA World Cup final nor 10th July due to an hour-long Coronation Street.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 3,820,000 viewers (47th place).
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