Sadie goes to see Jimmy to ask him to stop blackmailing her. He tells her that he’ll delete the photo of her and Cain if she sleeps with him, insisting it must happen today. Sadie has no choice but to agree to meet him in an hour. She pops home only to find that Matthew has prepared them a romantic meal. He gets out a diamond ring and asks her to marry him. Over in the café, Dawn says her goodbyes, but Bob and Viv make it clear that they disapprove of her leaving. Donna tries to comfort Dawn by telling her that everyone will soon come round, but she finds it hard to believe. Terry spends some last minute father-son time with TJ, but Dawn is furious when he is so late in bringing him back that she misses her flight. Elsewhere, Shadrach begs Zak to let him move back into the Dingle homestead, but Zak is having none of it. Later on, Alice is out feeding the pigs and faints. Shadrach rushes to her aid, thinking this will be his ticket to get back into the house.


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