Sam believes he has caught brucellosis from the cows. Also, Sam tells Henry that he'd only move in with Nellie if they marry.


In Leeds, Matt and Dolly are returning after an abortive afternoon. Matt tells Dolly that he must know what's the matter. Dolly replies that she wonders if she'll be satisfied with the life of a farmer's wife for the rest of her days. Sam appears at the farm and reveals he's got exactly the same symptoms as he would if he were suffering from brocellosis, which humans can catch. Henry tries to urge Sam to let himself be admitted to hospital for a check up but Sam says he'd never come out again. Henry tries another tack, asking what Nellie thinks about it. Sam is immediately wary and gets a bit shirty when Henry suggests he'll be moving to the village soon. Sam says that would never do. He couldn't possibly go and lodge with Nellie unless they were wed.


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