Jack and Andy arrive at the devastating scene and begin frantically searching through the debris for Diane. Meanwhile, Dawn is pulled from the wreckage and a relieved Bob rushes over as his daughter tells him that she is alive. As Dawn is rushed to hospital with Bob by her side, the Kings are still looking for Jimmy. John, a rescue worker, shouts that he has found a hand. Val recognises it as Diane's and when John tells her that Diane is breathing through an air hole, Val sits holding her hand, talking to her sister to keep her alive. Another rescue worker shouts that they have found a man and John rushes off to help drag him out – Tom wonders if it might be Jimmy. When they see the lifeless body they fear the worst. Diane is eventually pulled from the wreckage and Jack is terrified as he gets in the ambulance next to her lifeless body. Her heart has stopped and a team of paramedics work desperately hard to revive her as Jack begs her not to leave him. Meanwhile, over at the hospital, Bob sits by Dawn's bedside and the doctor comes over with her test results. The Dingles desperately search for Shadrach, fearing that he could be buried under the wreckage. The rescuers look through the rubble and they confirm that two people have been found dead so far, as they continue to search for victims.


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