Sam is angry that Alice is dying and he is convinced that he will be useless without her. Shadrach, showing he does has a sensitive side, gives an upset Alice a notebook to record all her motherly advice she would give Samson as he's growing up so he won’t be without a mother. Meanwhile, Bob furiously confronts Tom at Home Farm to confirm his discovery about the JCB incident and that he's not going to get away with it. Tom is even more shaken when he finds out from the Health and Safety Executive that the JCB broke a gas pipe that in turn caused the explosion. A guilt-ridden Val tries to put together Noreen's estate. Viv risks telling Bob about their upcoming IVF appointment, but he is horrified, saying he'd rather kill himself than have another child. Jimmy tells Matthew about Sadie's affair with Cain. Matthew soon sees Sadie with Jimmy's camera. When he confronts her over what both Jimmy and Cain have told him, she says she was set up, but any support from Matthew evaporates when she admits that she paid Cain to sabotage the show home. Blasting Sadie for her crime and for attacking Jimmy, Matthew kicks her out of their house.


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