The Sugdens are relieved to discover that no disease was found in the herd. Meanwhile, Nellie admits she's too old for love, throwing Sam's proposal plans out the window.


Amos is annoyed that the coach was late back the previous night due to breaking down. A phone call at the farm confirms that the tests have proved that there is no disease in the herd. Matt tells Dolly that she's wrong about him having no ambition. He tells her he has the ambition to continue living the way he does as he's happiest that way. She's not pleased. Sam is eager to go off and see Nellie. Annie persuades him to stay at home for the day, convinced he's going to ask her to marry him. Sam doesn't take a great deal of persuading. Dolly speaks to Henry about his ambitions when working in Bradford. She's thoughtful when Henry says that if he had his time over again he'd either go straight into the licensing trade or farming. She kisses Henry on the cheek. Nellie visits Sam at the farm and they have a private conversation in his shed. They both reach the conclusion that the moment for romance has passed and they both feel very happy with the way they are. Matt's surprised when Dolly insists on helping with milking and tells him she's willing to try life his way. She admits she's in love with him. Henry realises he might have unlocked a passion for gardening when he starts digging Sam's garden. Nellie tells Sam that she thought he was going to propose yesterday on the outing but Sam admits that his courage failed him. They promise to stay good friends.


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