The Coulters cause a disruption outside the church when the parents disallow Pip from attending. Meanwhile, Steve takes an interest in Joe's shotgun...


Pip Coulter and her parents disrupt the church service as they argue outside the church. Pip wants to go in but her parents won't let her. Sam quizzes Joe about Pip, believing he might be romantically involved with her. Joe denies it saying they've only been rabbit shooting together and that she's going out with Steve Hawker. Steve spies on the Coulter household after witnessing their argument earlier. He noticed a religious service being conducted by a man, Paul Pargrave, reading a bible. Amos finds rust in The Woolpack drainpipes. He is stopped by Paul who preaches to Amos and reminds him that he's working on God's day of rest and shouldn't. Steve runs into Joe in the village and strikes up a conversation about Joe's shotgun. Joe takes him rabbit shooting. Donald invites Annie and Henry round to the Vicarage for dinner to discuss fundraising for the church hall. He speaks with them about the disruption in church this morning saying he was asked by Mrs. Coulter not to call anymore as they had found the "true church" and closed the door on him. He believes there is a canvassing missionary in the village rivaling him. Henry thinks Donald should play him at his own game.


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