In LeedsPearl is working in a pub called the Rising Sun. Meanwhile, Daz is being chased throughout the streets of the city by police officers. He jumps over the wall, losing them. Pearl walks over and recognises him. In the pub, Pearl urges Daz to return to the village - but the youngster says he won't go back because he messed things up with his mum. However he cuts her a deal - he'll only go if she accompanies him. Back in the village, Len, Edna and Danny wonder whether they've heard from Pearl. Edna, worried for her friend, suggests that she and Len go to Leeds. They head down to Leeds, but they are unable to find Pearl. Once they arrive back in the village, Pearl, who has just returned with Daz, sees their van pull up, sending her into a panic and she tells the taxi driver to take her back to the train station. As the taxi drives past the Woolpack, Edna comes out and notices Pearl sitting inside. Edna tells Len and Danny that she saw Pearl and the three head to the train station, where Danny spots Pearl, who quickly hides in the ladies toilets. Edna convinces Pearl to return to the village, but she refuses. However, Pearl turns up on Edna's doorstep and tells her that she has decided to face up to her problems - pay back all the money she owes and try to win Len back. Elsewhere, Bob and Viv both tell Jamie that Viv is pregnant. Jamie, however, takes the news badly, feeling that it is too soon after Dawn's death. In the pub, Jamie insults Viv, referring to her as a raddled old granny, and him and Bob fight. Scott breaks them up and Jamie tells Bob that he and Dawn both deserved better.


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  • The train conductor is uncredited, despite having lines of dialogue.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 8,050,000 viewers (10th place).
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