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Pip refuses to return home and runs away, leaving Donald to break the news to the family. Meanwhile, Sam causes fishing plans to end abruptly when he puts his foot in the pond.


Henry bumps into Sam at Gowper's Pond near Hotten Hill. Sam believes there's a large pike there and discusses fishing with Henry. In his excitement, he accidentally puts his foot in the pond and has to be escorted back to the farm in a taxi by Henry. Joe comes across Paul as he passes by Emmerdale. Joe complains to him about yobbos throwing parts of the wall into their field. Paul preaches to him, but gets nowhere. Henry insists to Annie that Donald is wrong not to do something about Paul as toleration can only be taken so far. He also thinks that Donald has a right to step in where Pip's concerned, as she's clearly unhappy about not being able to go to church. Paul's words have had an effect on Amos and he turns up at the church when no-one else is there. Donald finds Pip outside the Vicarage. She tells him she doesn't want to go home as her mother is being horrible to her. Steve watches them. Pip overhears Donald making a phonecall to Annie and noting that she's underage so will have to hand her back over to her parents. She quietly slips out of the Vicarage window and runs down the yard and straight into Steve. He tells her he has a plan and persuades her to go through with it. Paul arrives at The Woolpack to see Amos and tries to dissuade him from attending church. He leaves Amos some pamphlets. Donald is concerned when Pip goes missing and calls in Annie to go speak to the Coulters with him.


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