Steve breaks into 3 Demdyke Row and steals Joe's shotgun. Meanwhile, Will reveals that Steve and the missing Pip want to marry and believe she has eloped.


Annie and Donald arrive at Coulter's Cottage and sit outside wondering how to say their part. Annie thinks it best for Donald to remain in the car while she talks to them. She receives a frosty reception from Pam but asks if she can speak to Pip. Pam tells her that she's not in and explains if Annie's come to talk to her about the church she's wasting her time and shuts the door in her face. Joe catches Steve snooping around the landrover. He tells Joe he's lost his penknife when they went shooting yesterday. Joe finds out that he's been sacked from his job. He asks Joe to check the bag with the gun in, in case it fell in there but Joe tells him he keeps that at Demdyke. Annie explains to Sam that Pip wants to leave home but her parents won't let her, taking away her savings book and locking her bedroom door to prevent her getting clothes in an effort to make sure she stays. She says Pip blames Paul. Annie asks Sam to have a subtle word with Will as they're beginning to worry as Pip is missing. Henry comes across Amos's pamphlets from Paul. Sam feigns interest in the Church of the Word and quizzes Will on it. He finds out from Will that he knows Steve and Pip want to marry and they want to save her. Sam returns and tells Annie that he believes Pip and Steve have disappeared to elope. Henry tries to make Amos see that his pamphlets on the Church of the Word is nonsense. Steve slips out of The Woolpack when he sees Joe enter with Dolly and Matt. He breaks into 3 Demdyke Row.


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