Sadie secretly records Cain admitting to the sabotage on the show home that caused the house to collapse and heads to Home Farm to play it to Tom. Sadie makes it clear that if he goes to the police she’ll destroy the evidence and informs him that she will soon be in contact to let him know what she wants in exchange for his family being let off the hook. Elsewhere, Kelly is horrified to hear that Rodney is living in his car and offers him her ring back and promises to stand by him. Rodney proudly refuses the ring, just happy to have Kelly by his side again. Meanwhile, with money still tight at the Dingles, Zak plans a major poach on the Home Farm estate. Although Del refuses to join in, due to already being in trouble with the law, the rest of the Dingles are all looking forward to 'Poachfest 2006'.


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