Tom seizes his chance to escape and grabs Cain’s gun to reverse the roles on his captor. After demanding his phone back, Tom realises that the gun is empty and Cain overpowers him. He drags both of his hostages into the car where Tom tells a now conscious Sadie that he knows she is allied with Cain. Elsewhere, Carl convinces Chas not to leave him and they go to look for Tom. Their distress grows when they find Tom and Sadie’s cars abandoned at the meeting place and Sadie's house ransacked. Back at Home Farm, the Kings receive a chilling phone call from a panicked Sadie and Chas hears Tom's screams in the background. Later, Perdy tells Grayson that she has had five miscarriages and is upset about how Rosemary will react. Grayson comforts her and says that his mother's views don’t matter. Rosemary confronts them soon after and forces Grayson to admit to his monetary losses and Perdy to her miscarriages.


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  • Rather than the usual music played during the halfway point, a classical piece of music playing on Cain's car radio leads into the bumper.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 8,300,000 viewers (11th place).
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