Steve and Pip perform an armed robbery at The Woolpack and lock Henry and Amos in the cellar, leaving them in there for the night. Joe finds them hours later and calls the police as Steve and Pip plan to abscond.


Sam arrives at the Coulters' asking to see Paul but gets the door shut on his face by Pam, accusing him and Annie of snooping for Donald. Steve and Pip are hiding out in Beckett's old cottage. Steve has stolen Joe's gun from 3 Demdyke Row and plans to use it in an attempt to get money for them to leave Beckindale. Pip is frightened by his plan and questions whether they should go through with it. Steve reassures her and begins to cut down the barrels of the gun. Donald finds out Paul has been talking to Amos. He makes Amos realise that what Paul told him wasn't accurate and prepares to go to the police to report Pip missing. Steve and Pip set about disguising themselves. He gives Pip his trousers in order to pass her off as a man. They set off for The Woolpack with the gun and arrive outside in time for closing and discuss their plan. Amos finishes up for the night and is interrupted as Steve and Pip knock on the door and brandish the shotgun at him as he answers. Steve locks Amos and Henry in the cellar as Pip takes the money. They turn the lights out and make their escape with the money. Suspecting their robbers have now left, Amos and Henry begin shouting for help in The Woolpack cellar. Joe arrives at the phone box across the road and calls for the police, having arrived home and discovered his gun has been stolen. Pip and Steve return to Beckett's Cottage and count their loot. Steve tells Pip they can catch the first bus to Hotten but Pip is frightened. Amos is annoyed when Henry starts drinking the stock in the cellar. They debate who could be responsible and Amos is unable to think of two lads who could be responsible. Henry points out that one of them was female.


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Henry Wilks: (at being locked in The Woolpack cellar with Amos Brearly following the robbery) "Might be an idea to get a couple of armchairs down here as precaution against the future."

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