As the village struggles to come to terms with the outcome of the kidnap, the police accuse Carl of the kidnapping being an insurance scam. He reacts by shoving an officer into a wall and the situation worsens when he begins to suspect Chas played a bigger part in it. The pair are also lashed out by Tom when he refuses to rest at their urging request and he later blames Matthew for bringing Sadie back into the family. He also takes his frustrations out on Edna when she reminds him of her previous warning about Sadie, but he later apologizes and has her summon his old friend and local chief constable Charles Vaughan to the premises upon learning that his son's are in accusation. He insists that the Dingle are beyond good and, after cursing at Lisa and Zak for visiting on Chas' behalf, also questions Chas for Cain's whereabouts. Outraged at Carl and Tom for pointing the finger at her, Chas makes the decision to leave Home Farm and return to her family. Also, after visiting Tom to inform him that Cain betrayed Sadie and left her stranded, Debbie returns home where she continues to feel after losing her father. Zak tries to console her, but she won’t talk to him and later confides in Scott that she can only rely on herself from now on. Later, Jack tells Diane that he won’t be making another offer for the Woolpack. After seeking Grayson’s legal advice she is confident that she can stop Val claiming Louise’s share. When Val turns up later Diane humiliates her sister by refusing to sign the contract.


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