Eric tries to convince Diane not to back out of her partnership with Val. She agrees, and their first day as partners is a smashing success...when Val accidentally drops a crate of champagne on Diane's foot. Matthew tells Carl he believes Chas was a part of the kidnapping. Carl begins to believe this himself when he stops by Wishing Well Cottage and sees Chas holding money Cain sent the family. Zak agrees to let Chas give the money back, but when Carl still doesn't defend her to his family even after she does, she leaves. He runs after her, only to find he's too late. Debbie, meanwhile, wants nothing to do with the money and shrugs off attempts to get her to talk about it. Grayson is intrigued when his estate agent tells him that Mill Cottage is coming up for sale. Perdy drives down the price to house her horse at Katie's stables. Katie is desperate for business; as Andy looks on uneasily, Jo promises to put up notices at the vets. Perdy spars with Matthew when he suggests he may kill Sadie's horse. Paddy works up the courage to visit Toni in hospital.


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